These Minimalist Roof Ideas Might Suit Your House

It is not uncommon to find a minimalist roof model that is in extreme shapes, such as a roof made of concrete that is installed with a high level of slope. The design concept like this is used to raise the ceiling with low ceiling types so that air exchange in the house is much healthier and not humid. In the minimalist roof model called the Steep Shed Roof, the design concept is combined with traditional elements, such as wood and bamboo to create a maximum cool impression. If you want to remodel your roof like that quickly and easily, perhaps you need to call the best Roofing services near your area.

In addition to the extreme-shaped minimalist roof, the minimalist flat roof model of concrete materials is the most common model found in modern-style luxury residential areas. This roof is made of waterproof concrete covered with cement. Since there is no slope, it is necessary to build a good drainage system on the roof model so that rainwater does not stagnate or flood the roof. However, with its flat shape, this minimalist roof model is suitable to be applied to the garden or garden on the roof of the house.