4 Impact Of Lack Of Drinking Water, One Of Which Damages The Kidney

Lack of water consumption can actually affect mood, brain work, and other bodily functions. In the long run, the lack of meeting the needs of water can lead to the emergence of chronic diseases such as kidney failure. With CamelBak Bottles, you can store water in your bag, and make it easier for you to get clean water when outside the home.

Drinking 8 glasses of water equivalent to 2 liters is an effort to prevent chronic diseases, maintain brain function, and mood swings every day. Prevention is certainly better than cure. The following effects are not enough to meet the daily needs of water.
1. Difficulty focusing

The lack of adequate water risks reducing focus, concentration, and brain memory. Deficiencies that occur continuously ultimately lead to impaired brain function.

Nearly 80 percent of the human brain is composed of water. If the water needs are not fulfilled, it can affect the work of the brain, for example, disturbed concentration and difficulty focusing

2. Easy to get angry

Lack of fluids in general decreases the ability to think clearly and control mood. Research carried out at one university stated that mild dehydration causes irritability, affects mental function, and energy levels.

Mild dehydration, which lacks 1.5 percent of the body’s fluid needs, can affect our feelings. Especially in women who are more sensitive to the effects of mild dehydration. Mild dehydration conditions often occur in the implementation of daily activities.

3. Dry skin

Dry skin is an effect that can be felt immediately when the body lacks water. Besides being uncomfortable, scaly dry skin indicates an unhealthy condition. This condition can certainly be prevented by drinking enough water every day.

Drink before thirst. The impact of a lack of drinking that occurs early is usually immediately seen at a young age. In addition to dry skin, lack of drinking ultimately results in decreased function and eventually kidney failure.

4. Kidney disorders

Kidney disorders are long-term effects due to a lack of adequate water every day. According to Imran, this disorder can arise at the early age of 40 years if water needs that are not met occur from a young age. A kidney disorder is one of the diseases that must be treated with high costs.