There Are Some Pros And Cons Of Portable Air Conditioners

There are not many people who know that there is a portable Air Conditioner (AC) used for personal use. Generally, we see Portable AC in certain events whether it’s a bazaar or a wedding that uses a closed tent. So that until now not many well-known brands in the world of air conditioners issue portable AC series. However, if you’re looking for an excellent one, we suggest you check out blaux portable ac reviews.

However, if you have a chance to see a product and want to buy it or try it, you need to calculate the profit and loss of buying a portable AC. Do not be lulled by technological advancements.

Pros of Portable AC

No need to break in the wall. Some houses and/or rooms may not allow for breaking into walls. So that the walls remain smooth even though the air conditioner is moved its position. Can be moved according to where needed. Only need one body. There is no need for space for the compressor because it has joined the AC itself.

Cons of Portable AC

The voltage is large. Generally, portable AC products need 1000 watts for their first pull. So, get ready to add power. The sound is noisy. Because the compressor joins the AC, the compressor’s sound also joins. The result? Noisy, except when the fan is set. There must still be a space for exhausting hot steam and water. Judging from its design, portable air conditioners have two large hoses for the removal of hot steam and water and they are designed to be discharged through windows. So that its placement should back to the window facing outside. Because if you face another room, then it’s hot, the room is exposed to hot steam. The price is three times more expensive. The minimum capacity is 1 PK.

As for the maintenance also need to consider several things: Give a distance of at least 30 cm from the wall and other items in your home. Install the fan settings beforehand for 15 minutes to avoid the musty smell that will appear within one month. And keep the engine more durable. Don’t put other objects on top of Portable AC. Maintain the cleanliness of your portable AC body by cleaning the filter manually.

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